National Courier Services

Delivery to anywhere in South Africa starting from R135!
We are in affiliation with SkyNet and Rhenus for all national deliveries to ensure service and reliability!

Costs for delivery are dependent on location as well as either physical or volumetric weight

We’re always working to make these services easier and more available!

Bring Your Parcel To Us

Have a parcel you want to send but your concerned about a few things?

We can handle it!
Come into the store with your package and we can help ensure it gets to where you need it to.
You can pay in store and you will leave with a waybill, a tracking number and nothing else to worry about.

Counter to Counter

We have partnered with RTT Courier Services to achieve our cheapest delivery option!

Send you package to any 3@1 in the country starting from only R99!
Come into our store with your parcel and send your parcel to the a 3@1 of your choosing.

Find the one you need below!


Arrange Delivery From Your Home

During Covid we understand that many of you may be weary to leave the house.
This is why we’re proud to announce our ability to collect a shipment from your door!

You can supply us with the package details and your address then you can sit back and let us handle the rest.
We’ll arrange a collection from your door and organize the delivery to anywhere in the country that you need.

Just follow these steps!

Sender Details

Provide us with your details

Parcel Details

Provide with the details of your parcel

Delivery Details

Provide us with the destination and delivery details

Items that cannot be transported:

Artwork/Sculptures,Baked Goods, automobiles, Coins/Gold/Cash/Bonds, Crockery, Dangerous/Hazardous Goods (e.g. aerosol cans, flammable items, toxic, gases, etc). Glass Items, Jewellery, Liquids, Livestock/Animals, Motorbike/Scooter, Paint, Painting, Wine/Spirits/Liquids. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure about sending your item.